Saturday, September 3, 2011

Adventures in Omelette: spinach & tomato

I eat a lot of eggs.

Maybe about six a week, depending on how I feel.  They're one of my main sources of protein, and since I'm a skinny little twig who is perpetually underweight (genetic fast metabolism), I like fit more and more in.

Scrambled, poached, hard boiled in a salad, sometimes soft boiled with 'soldiers'.

Lately I've had an omelette craze.  How many types of omelettes can their be?  We always used to make plain omelettes with a sprinkle of parsely, and chow them down with stirfry or salad.

One day in the hazy past, I ate brunch in a little cafe in Healseville.  There were about three things on the menu which I could eat, and I chose omelette.  I though, surely they won't serve up two eggs in circular form without dressing them up a bit?

When the plate arrived, my omelette horizons suddenly stretched out before me.  The sky would be the limit when it came to dressing up the previously boring omelette.  I'm not going to tell you what was in that omelette because I can't actually remember.  I think it was cheese and mushrooms.

Now, back in the present.  Omelette creation of the day involves the following suspects:

In case you don't know your vegetables, that is a bunch of spinach, an overripe tomato, left over brown onion, and two organic eggs.  I know they are organic because there is a bit of manure left on one of them.  Also, the eggs are not vegetables.  Just thought I'd point that out.

I then proceed to the stove.  Have you ever made an omelette?  Everyone makes them differently, I've found. (Actually I haven't studied this, so I'm just guessing).

While the oil is rapidly heating in my baby pot, I crack the eggs with an impressive flourish, and add some salt.

Some fine grain Celtic Sea Salt to be precise.

My veggies are also waiting patiently in the background.

I have a feeling that it might be good to add the onion at this point (I have no idea what I'm doing), so in it goes.

BEAT that egg, people.  BEAT it.

Is that oil hot enough already?  To test, drop a little egg in the oil and see if it sizzles. It sizzled?  Good, now we can proceed.

This could possibly be the crucial part.  How to get the veggies into the rapidly cooking omelette.

In the end, I just threw it all in and pushed each piece down with a fork.

Ew, what is this?

My brother's lunch - liver.  Wow, I suddenly feel really enthusiastic about the omelette next door.

Now, I have no photos of the flipping process.  This is because I was using all all my hands and fingers, even my head.  A little easing, and a lot of mess.

I used the wooden spatulas.  It miraculously worked.

Once flipped, I turned the heat RIGHT down and let the other side cook slowly.  I didn't want the veggies to crisp into a nasty brown.

After about five minutes I was too hungry to wait any longer (always a good indication of cooking time), so I decided to take a punt and flip it out onto a plate.

Turn the pot upside down and...

Wow, it worked.

At this point I suddenly remembered that I forgot the pepper, and decided better late than never.

This worked really well.

Stay tuned for more adventures in omelette.


  1. ..."since I'm a skinny little twig who is perpetually underweight"

    :D *grins knowingly*

  2. haha! It's nice to have company in metabolism.

  3. I can never get over how people can actually take pictures while they are cooking.

    Can already imagine the equation if I tried it:

    Me+cooking+camera = burntfood+messeverywhere+dirtycamera = totaldisaster

    I am duly impressed. Thanks for making me very hungry, too.

  4. Oooooh, don't get too impressed too soon. I have had some near disasters. And you can bet there won't be a record of them on this blog - unless they're just hilarious.

    It's amazing how resilient my camera actually is. Flour when making biscuits, raw meat when making salami, sauce when making lasagna... it eventually falls off the camera. Is that disgusting? I'm paranoid about the lens though.


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