Friday, June 7, 2013

Blog to book!

I have a little secret.


No, I did not just burp electronically. has created the software BookSmart which I am using to create my very own blog book!  It's actually very, very fun although checking for typos and re-sizing fonts can get a little tiresome.
Maybe that's just because I've tried to multi-task by editing while babysitting.  There are a lot of smudgy fingerprints on my screen right now.

The idea of having the Mouse Files in hard copy on our coffee table is exciting.  But it's also a little sad in a way because it means I have reached the end of one of my projects.

When I started the Mouse Files I always intended it to become a blog book one day, so I could have an interesting record of a few years of my life.  And because I thought Blurb was a really cool website and I couldn't wait to create a book.

Years later, it's time to say goodbye to the Mouse Files for a while.  Don't worry, I'm not deleting or closing anything!  (No way!)
I'm just seeing this as one of my very last Mouse Files posts.

I want to keep blogging though.  Cooking With Nonna is an ongoing project.  And for the last few months I've had all kinds of interesting blog/social networking ideas bubbling in my brain threatening to boil over into all kinds of bizarre and creative projects.

This is one project that has come to an end, though.

Thank you for reading and commenting.  You have all been so lovely and funny and supportive.  I'm blessed to know most of you personally and know I'll see you all soon :)

Ye olde title banner 2010

Improvement on ye olde title banner

And then I stopped lying on the ground to take photos


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