Things you should know before frequenting this page:

I'm an amateur photographer with a very big camera that takes amazing photos.  
BUT only if I can synchronise the ISO, aperture, shutter speed, zoom and lighting, and then manage not to drop the thing into the sauce or the lake - depending on the current location.
I take my camera almost everywhere I go and my memory card is always full.
I bump into people because I'm looking through the lense instead of looking ahead where I'm walking to. ("Ouch!  Sorry, didn't see you!")
My favourite things to photograph are old churches, food (esp. cupcakes), people, and tree canopies (looking up the trunk preferably).
I call my camera Steve (he's a Canon EOS 30D and is currently holding a 18-55mm zoom lens).
Some of the photos on The Mouse Files are taken with my other camera - a little Samsung point-and-shoot.  It's pink.

Click to see all photography posts on The Mouse Files.

Little secret:  Photos of the Week will usually turn up eventually on the blog...they are little preview to a whole series of photos waiting backstage.  Just to find the time to post them all...

On a cold winter's day in July I found myself in the garden cooking fresh salami with Nonna.  Winter is not winter without fresh salami, people.

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