Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WWW: Dissimulate

According to my sketchy records, the last Wonderful Word of the Week appeared at the beginning of November.  I think I remember explaining the lack of WWWs as a result of studying too much literature and too much sociology at university level.  There were so many big words flying around I didn't feel up to squishing any more into my brain.

I just applied for graduation at the beginning of the week which means I'm definitely on the homestretch of this BA.  Soon I'll be able sign my name like Anne Shirley does in Anne of Windy Willows:

(Letter from Anne Shirley, B.A., Principal of Summerside High School, to Gilbert Blythe, medical student at Redmond College, Kingsport.)

I may not be studying literature in this final year, but I have a few more politics units to go.  Politics units don't really bombard me with new big words.  But when I was writing out an answer to a quiz question last week, I realised that I needed a new big word to describe a new problem caused by the study of politics.

Dissimulate {v}  /diˈsimyəˌlāt/ 
Conceal or disguise (one's thoughts, feelings, or character)

I chose the word dissimulate because the word 'fudge' didn't sound intellectual enough.
You may recognise some of the other synonyms of dissimulate... pretend, sham, mask, hide.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Uncle's Harley

Back in the day when I used to pretend to blog regularly, I used to pretend to have a photo of the week.  More like photo of the month.

Anyway, the last photo I posted as photo of the week was taken in September last year so I'm thinking it has been sitting there for a while.  hehe?  

I can't just delete it without explanation, especially since my photos of the week were supposed to prelude a new blog post.  In this case, a blog post full of shiny Harley Davidson fittings (I know. You were dying to seem them, right?)

The thing is, a few months after I took thirty-five pictures of Uncle B's Harley in our driveway, a miscreant stole it.

They stole an entire Harley Davidson motorbike.  From the footpath outside my uncle's office in the CBD.

Can we just pause for a moment of righteous anger.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sophistication & Maturity

After months of inactivity in the blogging sphere I was beginning to feel that I'd have to do something drastic to get back into the Mouse Files mood.

So I thought about a new header, maybe a new font, a fresh look.  Except I've run out of photos of my head in the grass/leaves which could be conveniently cropped and converted into a Mouse Files header.

Who needs a photo header anyway!

So, being an extremely professional designer, I opened Paint and created something that could only be made in...well...Paint.  (I don't like Paint)  But at least I had more than five fonts to choose from!  I like to think that the new Mouse Files look oozes things like "sophistication" and "maturity".

(Except I miss the Mickey Mouse ears, so I might have to tastefully squeeze them in somewhere.)

Now that I've turned 21, it's probably a good time to start leaning towards sophistication and maturity in all areas of my life.

Yes, sophistication.

And maturity.

Never mind.


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