Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sophistication & Maturity

After months of inactivity in the blogging sphere I was beginning to feel that I'd have to do something drastic to get back into the Mouse Files mood.

So I thought about a new header, maybe a new font, a fresh look.  Except I've run out of photos of my head in the grass/leaves which could be conveniently cropped and converted into a Mouse Files header.

Who needs a photo header anyway!

So, being an extremely professional designer, I opened Paint and created something that could only be made in...well...Paint.  (I don't like Paint)  But at least I had more than five fonts to choose from!  I like to think that the new Mouse Files look oozes things like "sophistication" and "maturity".

(Except I miss the Mickey Mouse ears, so I might have to tastefully squeeze them in somewhere.)

Now that I've turned 21, it's probably a good time to start leaning towards sophistication and maturity in all areas of my life.

Yes, sophistication.

And maturity.

Never mind.



  1. any post from the mouse is a good post.

    1. That is one of the most positive things I've heard all day! Thank you!


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