Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Uncle's Harley

Back in the day when I used to pretend to blog regularly, I used to pretend to have a photo of the week.  More like photo of the month.

Anyway, the last photo I posted as photo of the week was taken in September last year so I'm thinking it has been sitting there for a while.  hehe?  

I can't just delete it without explanation, especially since my photos of the week were supposed to prelude a new blog post.  In this case, a blog post full of shiny Harley Davidson fittings (I know. You were dying to seem them, right?)

The thing is, a few months after I took thirty-five pictures of Uncle B's Harley in our driveway, a miscreant stole it.

They stole an entire Harley Davidson motorbike.  From the footpath outside my uncle's office in the CBD.

Can we just pause for a moment of righteous anger.

Thankfully Uncle B is a very meticulous man and the bike was totally insured.  He was still devastated (losing something as large and shiny as a Harley Davidson motorbike can really ruin your day).

When he found out that I had secretly gone out to photograph his beloved machine, Uncle B was over the moon.  I gave him all the photos on a CD but I'm not sure what he's going to do with them.

After the disappearance of the bike everyone wondered if Uncle B's Harley phase would finally come to an end.

Probably not.

In April this year I was photographing another Harley Davidson motorbike in our driveway.

It's a red one.

For the record, I only tolerate a Harley Davidson when the motor is off, the metal is cool, and the tires are still.  Otherwise you can get blasted, burnt and bruised simultaneously (trust me, I know this for a fact).

But this is a red one.

I promise that this is most likely the last time I will talk about Harley Davidsons on the Mouse Files.

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