Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One Hundred

Well, I've been waiting for this moment.  

Post number one hundred.

Ironically, one of this week's creative writing topics for uni is blogging.  As we are reminded during class that blogging is an excellent way of establishing a regular writing routine, and also a way to inflict our good writing on the world, I am getting those guilty prods in the stomach and making all sorts of crazy resolutions to blog more frequently.  I know, crazy.

Sometimes I try to work out why I like to write so much.  I know that I like chocolate because it tastes divine, and I like reading because I can travel to different worlds while staying in my own armchair.  I like cooking because I like to eat, and I like hanging out with family and friends because I love them.

Maybe this quote from my textbook gives the reason:  
...that human urge so many of us feel - to not just live year to year but to capture a bit of that life, to produce an enduring record of our better thoughts.  {Dinty Moore}

Maybe.  Or perhaps this one is more accurate:
Like many other keepers of occasional journals I only feel an impulse to record my life when there's very little of interest going on it [sic], which means in effect that it reads like a chronicle of wasting time by a discontented person... {Mann, The Mystery Writer}

If you're anything like me, you don't read quotes in text, so you have no idea what I was trying to say.  Go back and read the quotes.  If you are a diligent reader with plenty of time on your hands, then you did read the quotes and I applaud you.

When I started The Mouse Files I fully intended to have no readers and keep The Files as a place to record all sorts of things, so that one day I could turn the whole lot into a little blog book with nice pictures.  Obviously I underestimated the size of the internet, and the power of networking, because I didn't even bother to make The Mouse Files private.

I still get a severe shock when people come up and say to me "by the way, I found your blog the other day."

"Ah".  *quick mental review of what I've been writing about lately*

Before I waffle on forever, I'm going to close post number one hundred decisively:  Thank you for reading.  It makes it all the more worthwhile.

Till post one hundred and one,
the Mouse ;)

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  1. I like you. I like your writing. I like your blog. :)


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