Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dear Mouse Files,

I've missed you.

Today when I signed into Blogger for the first time this month, it was like coming back to an old friend, one I haven't seen for a while, but think about often.  Very guiltily.

You've made me feel guilty Mouse Files.

Why are you so neglected?  Oh well.  It's nice to know that you're always there, waiting for me to return and start taking photos again and writing about random things.

Lately I've been...

prowling around the library after-hours, enjoying the dark, mysterious and empty spaces between the shelves where the books live.
(i.e. working at the library)

pushing a miniature John Deere tractor up steep hills, wiping snotty noses and watching ABC Kids with two little people who say the most wise things which make me laugh hard inside.
(i.e. babysitting often)

staring at the computer screen with vacant eyes, scrolling through pages and pages of information about the 12th century Renaissance, Kate Grenville's Australian sensibility, and current policy on Australian Aborigines, until my vacant eyes begin to water and my brain feels like it's sliding down my nose.  
(i.e. studying, studying, studying)

a wing on the sardine can (i think planes feel extra cramped because there's
all this marvellous empty space outside the window)

flying in a sardine can across Australia to the great sandy place where the sun always shines and the sea is always warm.
(i.e. trip to Perth)

eating many scones with homemade plum jam.
(i.e. hanging out with my nonna)

watching old British television series in my pyjamas while drinking herbal teas and emptying boxes of tissues at an alarming rate.
(i.e. being sick)

But I still think of my Mouse Files often, and today I've enjoyed seeing you again.

Until our next post,

The Mouse.


  1. Lol...

    (i.e. you've been busy)

    What a creative way to say that dangerous four-letter-word!


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