Saturday, April 7, 2012


After many failed attempts to hit the Australian beach this summer, I finally made it on what was probably one of the last beachy days this autumn: Good Friday 2012.  

beachy {adj}
Sunny and warm, with a slight hint of saltiness, stickiness and summer fun in the air.  Usually accompanies a public holiday and/or the last day of Term One.

It was Mum's wonderful idea to spend the public holiday out and about, so we looked for the closest beach on Google Maps, packed lunch, and then drove off without looking back.

In a few minutes I went from this:

To this:

I suppose I could have been at home being a studious student and studying...

...but it was a ridiculously beachy* day.

* I was ready to admit that the word 'beachy' doesn't exist, but I found it here. Make sure you use it at least once this year.

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