Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prediction for this Saturday

Frederick Wentworth is getting excited.

And it take a lot to get a gentleman mouse excited.

After a harrowing Friday night of ridiculous, nail biting football, Frederick thinks it is time to break out the scarf. 

It happens to make a good nest for a gentleman mouse.

Interestingly, the last time this scarf saw the light of day was September last year - two times actually (since there were two Grand Finals).
It's been a pretty busy year, and I've only had time to watch a few Collingwood games.  Why do all the good football games fall on a Friday night when The Mouse is frantically finishing off a paper to hand in before midnight?

But the level of Collingwood taunts, barbs, jokes, name calling, threats (of burning merchandise), and lots of predictions about next Saturday have come down like an avalanche over the past week - so it must be time to get properly "supportive".

(Hi, I'm a Collingwood supporter.  Yes, I have all my teeth, no I'm not on Centerlink, and yes, I have ALL my teeth, INCLUDING wisdom teeth - beat that.)

Prediction for this Saturday October 1, 2011:

Early in the morning, the Mouse will rise in order to get a good day's work of study done.

By 2:00pm the Mouse will decide a break is in order and join the rest of the crowd in front of the TV.

By 2:05 the Mouse will be biting her nails and predicting a loss.

By 2:30 everyone will tell the Mouse to shoosh.

By 3:00pm the Mouse will wish she hated football

At half time, the Mouse will be either full of hope, depressed, or overjoyed.
She will also attempt to study but fail miserably.

The third quarter will be the worse.  At this point the Pies will either be losing by 20 points or 45 points.

By 4:00pm everyone will have given up telling the Mouse to shoosh.

During the last ten minutes of the game, the Mouse will yell for the Pies, no matter what the score is.

And whatever happens on Saturday, let's not forget what did happen last year.


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  1. Awww...

    All my sympathies goes to you mousey :( (not meaning to rub it in ;)) but the cats ate the pies!!!


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