Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adventures in Omelette: potato, chives & chilli

There is something quite earthy about this omelette adventure.

Here we have a potato still covered in the dirt it was pulled from, a bunch of chives just picked from the garden, and a chilli dried by my nonna.

I was getting very hungry at around 12:00, so I decided work an omelette around potato.  My mother always feeds me potatoes when I'm very hungry.  They fill all corners of the stomach.

I was sceptical that potato would actually cook in three minutes on the stove, so I thought I'd better bake it a little first.

Yes, this photo is under-exposed one stop - don't ask me why.

We often bake potato like this in our household.  It's fast, tasty and super easy.

We call them Potato Cakes.  Hence, if you ask for potato cakes in our house, you won't get the greasy, deep fried ones from the fish and chip shop.  Sorry.  You'll get organic ones with the skin still on, and you'll live longer.

While the potato cakes were baking in a pre-heated oven for about five minutes, I chopped the chives.  Or you could say I chipped the choves.

PS.  I used a mini oven for the potatoes.  There is no way I would bother to crank up our real oven just for an omelette (I'm dedicated like that).  If you don't have a mini-oven, then go ahead and use a microwave.  We don't have one so I'm just assuming you can soften potato in a radiation box.

These are garlic chives (ie not the normal skinny garden variety).  They have a very broad leaf, and a strong garlicky flavour.

Next up, I had to approach the chilli.

Menacing looking thing.

I had no idea how hot this chilli was, but to be on the safe side, I was going to treat it like it was on fire.

I have a really low tolerance for spiciness.  ("Burning!!! My mouth is burning!!!  Tears, pain and flames!!!)

So I snipped in a few minute particles for some flavour...and a tiny level of 'zing'.

This is where the omelette begins to take shape, as I beat the egg together and heat the oil in my baby pot.  If you are clueless as to how that works, please refer to my previous adventure in omelette.

Oooh, look the potato cakes are done.

I've just poured the egg, chives and chilli into the pot, so now time to place my cakes.

So far, so good.

Unfortunately, this is where the photos of the cooking process end.  I was too busy trying to flip the thing and keep it all together to pick up the camera :)

But I can say that while it was cooking, I made a nice little two minute salad with whatever I laid hands on first.

It happened to be a carrot, an over ripe avocado and lime juice.

This omelette adventure really hit the spot.

Yum and very filling.

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