Friday, September 16, 2011

WWW: Lilliputian

On the first day of spring - September 2011 - I took the following photos:

These green parcels appeared on the previously bare branches practically overnight.

A word comes to mind...

Lilliputian {adj} /ˌliləˈpyo͞oSHən/  Trivial, or very small.

What could be inside a lilliputian green parcel?

Wonderful Word of the Week no. __ is of possibly dubious origins.  It's literary.

According to the fount of all knowledge Wikipedia, the word lilliputian has become and adjective thanks to Jonathan Swift's novel about Gulliver's travels.

I like it because it's unique.

Look at those lilliputian buds on the plum tree.  I think there is something lilliputian inside them.


Sixteen days later into spring:


My lilliputian packages have opened to reveal...

Lilliputian flowers.

And located just to the left of the plum tree, we have some lilliputian articles of clothing hanging out in the midday sun.

My old jumpsuits (you know, from back when I used to fit into baby clothes).  Mum's unearthed them and they're seeing the sun for the first time in almost twenty years.  I was expecting them to disintegrate into soft pastel dust particles.  

There's a spring baby on the way!  Congratulations Hannah.

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