Monday, September 5, 2011

Saturday at the Soccer

My Dad and my brother play on the same soccer team.

The season has been going on for months, and I finally got to a game (I'm probably not the most supportive family member there ever was).

But hey, I was usually studying on Saturdays.

It was such GREAT weather (hello spring!), and Dad kept badgering me for some photos for the family album.  "We can use them at my funeral too."  Right Dad.  You could have left that last request out.

This is the cheer squad:  Nonno, Nonna, and Mum.  That little empty blue stool is my spot.

And now we finally get to the soccer.  I took over 100 photos for the family album (that should satisfy the boys).

Go Dad!

We are going for the yellow team by the way.  I assume that in the above photo, Dad is about to run up to blue man and get the ball off him.

Then kick a goal.

That's basically how the game works, right?

With some fancy footwork in between.  [He didn't kick a goal]

Go Bro!

The ball is such a magnet for these men in baggy shorts.  It's fascinating to watch.

Look, it even connects with my brother's head.


I like a bit of soccer on a Saturday afternoon.  Result:  1 - 1 Draw.

Oh well.  The season is over.  

Time to lose the soccer boots.

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