Friday, September 28, 2012

WWW: Inimitable

Exhibit A: My younger brother pretending that I'm not taking photos of him at the train station.

(Today is his birthday.  He's turning 20.  Twenty.) 

Exhibit B: My younger brother testing out the photobooth.

(Apparently it's his birthday today and he's turning 20.  I'm having trouble grasping this concept.)

Exhibit C:  My extremely old younger brother's natural facial features.

Today's Wonderful Word of the Week is dedicated to the birthday boy.

Exhibit D: My no-longer-a-teenager younger brother wearing Nonna's sunglasses.

Inimitable {adj}  /iˈnimitəbəl/

So good or unusual as to be impossible to copy; unique

There's really not much else to say (except please don't kill me when you discover that I've blogged about you and included photos).

Happy Birthday to my inimitable brother!

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