Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adventures in Omelette: Herb & Cheese

Today I was prowling around the garden trying to get some sunshine on my sun-starved winter skin, and I noticed all the herbs growing in our courtyard.

Time for another omelette adventure.

We didn't have much else in the fridge so I decided to keep it simple and herby.  They key here is using two different types of cheese.  Tasty cheddar for the taste and mozzarella for the creamy texture.  Trust me, The Mouse knows her cheese.

It is helpful to remember that this recipe is a complete experiment, and that I actually have no idea what I am doing or making.  Hence, the 'adventure' part of adventures in omelette.

So I was just guessing at how much of which herb should go in.  I sort of flung it all in the bowl.

Then I flung it all in the hot, oiled pan.  And decided to be arty with the chives.

This is how it looked after five minutes on lowish heat.  I wasn't even going to try flip this thing.

This is how it looked on the plate.

This is how I ate it: with a tomato and cucumber salad and a few slices of garlic and olive oil sourdough bread.

And the verdict?  I thought it was one of the most flavoursome omelettes yet.  Others thought it had a little too much rosemary, but that's easily fixed.

Why am I even posting about omelettes?  Has anyone ever wondered?  Oh well.


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