Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monday & Tuesday (and The Cow)

Before I rashly decided to take a photo of 'wherever I am' and 'whatever I'm doing' this week, I should have looked at my diary and calender.

What was I thinking?  That I could take a photo of my laptop from a different angle each day?  I'm an online university student.  My laptop is my window into the world.  How depressing.

On Tuesday my window into the world told me that spring is definitely in the air.

Check this out:  my 'window into the world' actually reflects the real window into the outside world which sits just behind me when I'm in front of the computer.

Same picture as above but focused differently.

You can probably tell that I'm scratching around for things to take photos of here.  I did leave the house for a haircut yesterday, and stopped off at Nonna's for morning tea, but I didn't bring my camera.  ON PURPOSE.  Because I didn't want to distress the hairdresser.  You should never distress the hairdresser when they are using scissors on your hair.  A lot of people seem to get distressed when I start using my camera around them (and I'm still not sure why).

The most exciting thing that has happened to me so far this week is The Cow.

On Sunday, after a hefty afternoon tea to celebrate Father's Day, we went for a walk down through the new housing estate which has grown behind my grandparents' 'farm'.

It's hard to call it a 'farm' when there is a footpath and streetlights just behind the back paddock.  In the good old days, I used to caper through the long grassy acres with my cousins (sound idyllic?).  I'm still not sure why my grandparents had paddocks because the place was a chicken farm, and the chickens stayed in cages in long sheds (but we don't talk about that anymore).  

Now there is an actual road cutting through the paddocks, and instead of walking on grass I walk on concrete.  I'm still coming to terms with my loss because idyllic green acres beat housing estate any day.

So I was innocently along the concrete footpath when I was chased by a cow.

Okay, it didn't actually chase me.  I walked past the paddock where it was eating, watching it out of the corner of my eye for any sudden moves, and as I kept walking down the footpath, it came ambling out onto the road.

It was a really menacing amble.

I took this photo while speed walking backwards.

Can you feel the death stare?


  1. Ha ha, that is very true. I think the cow was playing mind games with me and my overactive imagination ;)


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