Monday, October 10, 2011

WWW: Commiserate

This is a very belated post which was held up by one week of organised chaos which ran from last Monday to this Saturday.  Yes, the Children's Institute is an oxymoron like that. 
Rewinding the clock...let us imagine that we are back at last Tuesday (when I actually started to write this post). 

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"AFTER a near-perfect home and away, Collingwood has been unable to win on the day that it mattered, losing the Grand Final to Geelong by 38 points at the MCG."

Wonderful Word of the Week had to be directly related to all the messages of condolence I have received since Saturday.
I was expecially impressed by the fact that one caring friend bothered to email all the way from the Solomon Islands, just to make sure I hadn't sunk into depression.

"My" team lost.  Oh well.  Has anyone noticed the amazing Melbourne weather this week?  Are there any good movies coming out these school holidays? 

Ok, now seriously, a follow up on last week's prediction for Saturday:

I did yell.

I did not attempt to study at half time.

I did not bite one fingernail.

Since I have a feeling that you won't want to hear me raving on about how great Collingwood was in the first half, about Travis Cloke's amazing two goals, or Krakouer's flying mark (opportunities to dance around the room waving my scarf)...  I'll move right along:

Commiserate {v}  /kəˈmizəˌrāt/
Express or feel sympathy or pity; sympathize

I found that drinking several cups of peppermint tea in a row, and choosing to take a philosophical view of a game of football, all helps in combating the tension involved in watching your team slowly lose.
It also helps to have a Nonna bustling around in the background, preparing a Grand Final dinner and frequently stopping in front of the TV to check the score and say with a heavy Italian accent 'Poor-oh Collywood, poor-oh Collywood.'

Looking back, I think it's literally funny how all the commiserations I've received after the game come from people who really couldn't care less about football.  I like that.

Thank you for your commiserations.  Collingwood in the Grand Final next year.  You heard it here first.


  1. hallo.

    here's a totally irrelevant comment to say that The Mouse has a new reader. ;)

  2. yay! I love totally irrelevant comments like this one!


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