Thursday, October 27, 2011

Her Pinkness

Yesterday the Queen came to Melbourne for four and a bit hours (though I heard she began to run late when she stayed overtime in Fed Square).

I call it a real historic event.  I know it was an historic event because my family only ever watches the news on tv when something historic happens (this includes Black Saturday, tornado in NZ, and the Australian Open finals).

In Melbourne, the Queen walked on red carpet, she accepted five carloads of flowers from little children, she saw the tops of everyone's heads as they curtsied/bowed, she sat on an uncomfortable seat in a royal tram, she saw the meerkats at the Royal Children's Hospital (and the children too), and she stood on a pedestal in Government House while everyone looked at her.

And the sun shone the whole time.  That means Melbourne didn't let her down (breaths a big sigh of relief).

Queen on tram
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Let's talk about the Queen.  I love the Queen!

Actually, I'm really just quite interested in the monarchy and English history.  I'm pretty sure I've watched every documentary and movie ever made about our current Queen Elizabeth and her string of royal relatives.  Then there's my favourite Queen - HRH Victoria (from my favourite era - the Victorian Age).

I think it's the castles and palaces.  Or maybe the airs and graces.  Or the fact that you can wear an amazing shade of pink just because you feel like it.

I also like to think that the Queen lends a bit of stability to government.  She's just there.  Everyone else knows that they're never going to be the top fiddle while Her Majesty is in the house.  Then at the same time, the top fiddle actually can't do whatever she fancies with the Empire, but she is kept in line by parliament and the public (as if she'd need to be kept in line!).

And for a history buff, you can't go past the monarchy when it comes to something nice and ancient that is still around in the 21st century (v. rare).

All in all, I'm a happy member of the Australian Commonwealth.

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If the planets of work and study and family had aligned yesterday, I'm sure you would have seen me in this crowd.  Hey, these children aren't in school.

Except I wouldn't have brought any flowers.  Enough with the flowers!

Once upon a time, when my dad was a little boy living in New Zealand, his Granny took him to Auckland to see the Queen.  They stood in the street for hours, jostling to get a good position for viewing amongst the hundreds of people who were there.  When the Queen finally passed in her shiny black car, Dad got a glimpse of a white glove behind a tinted window for all of three seconds.  He was not impressed and his feet were sore.

Yeah, that would have been pretty lame.  (This story was his way of telling me not to bother trying to get near the Queen while she was in my own home city).

But we watched the news!  Historic event.

Ta ta, Your Majesty.  I'm glad you've been to Melbourne before because four hours is a terribly short time.

Queen leaves Melbourne
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