Friday, October 28, 2011

Blog Award

This morning I woke up to a lovely surprise.

If I knew anything about science I would say it is scientifically proven that waking up to a lovely surprise means your whole day will behave properly and be nice.

Lovely surprise: 

I was so surprised (in a lovely way) that I was inspired to put all the text of this blog in the centre.  I don't think I've really ever done that before.

This was awarded to me by one of my favourite fellow bloggers who has one of my favourite types of blogs: a photography blog.  She's a genius behind the lens (and she has a very large camera too).  
So thank you E.!

The One Lovely Blog Award is special because it comes with small print ;)
Tell seven things about yourself that everyone presumably doesn't know.  And then award other bloggers.

Seven Things About The Mouse That You Presumably Don't Know

My favourite time of the day is between the hours of 6:00am and 8:00am
Even though I'm usually asleep for part of it, sometimes I'm awake to see the sunrise and hear the birds wake up and begin to sing (they just don't sound the same after 8:00am).
If this makes it sound like I'm a morning person think again.  I'm usually appreciating these things in a heavy fog of sleeplessness, propping my eyes open with my fingers. 

I love sacred arias recorded in ancient churches.  One of my dreams is to go to Europe someday and listen to a small choir singing acapella in a centuries-year-old church on a hill.  If it was around Christmas time and snowing outside that would be just perfect.

In fact, I just love being in really old churches, sitting on the hard pews, staring at the cavernous ceilings and watching the sun bring the stained glass windows to life.

I used to have a pet goat called Nettles.  He disappeared mysteriously one day after the 'final straw' - escaping and eating the neighbour's prize roses.

I have a fear of needles (like the blood test type which they used on me multiple times when I was a sick child with skinny arms and veins which the doctor could never find and consequently I was jabbed more than necessary, and let's stop talking about this horrible subject).

I'm constantly singing to myself in my head, or out loud if I'm alone.  My dad says that means I'm a happy person.  (Don't worry, if I'm talking to you I have stopped singing in my head, and I'm pretty sure I was screaming in my head during the many blood tests).

I like to sketch with charcoal pencils, and then paint in watercolours.  But you're not supposed to know that because there's never going to be any drawings or watercolours on this blog.  It's an erratic hobby anyway.  My peak arty time was between the ages of 8 and 14.

And because I was just tempted to say 'whew, I'm glad that's over', here's a bonus irrelevant fact:
My favourite shade of blue is duck egg blue.
I just thought you should know that duck egg blue exists.  It's one of my life goals to make sure everyone knows that.

Now, the best bit!
I would like to award the One Lovely Blog Award to the following blogger (because I'm going to be smart and only award one like E. did):

a blog by Amelia
I award this blog because I find Amelia's journey inspiring, her artwork simply gorgeous, her current place of residence super interesting, and her attitude towards life encouraging.  
That was a long sentence.

Is that it?  The Lovely Blog Awards are over on the Mouse Files?

Time for breakfast.


  1. Aww! :) If your day behaved properly and was nice because of my blog award, then I'd consider it a complete success!

    (aaaand I liked who you awarded it to! Methinks I just found another *favourite* blog...)


  2. Oh oh oh oh!! I got an award! my very first award, oh my. *pink cheeks*

    Now, what do I do with such a pretty thing? *confused*


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