Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hands Up if You've Eaten a Mulberry

Firstly, I need to make a few housekeeping announcements.

You may have noticed a noticeable lack of WWWs lately (for those who are not in the lingo WWW stands for Wonderful Word of the Week.  (It may also stand for something else v. well known, but I choose to ignore that.)

That was intentional (i.e. I have not forgotten that I was planning on expanding my vocab on a weekly basis), but I decided to take a little break because my vocab has been challenged without my own doing.  It's called studying too many university course texts and readings.  The definition of a university course reading is as follows:

A document of around 22 pages written by an academic who is trying to convince you of his or her own opinion or theory.  Is always peer-reviewed and contains words which have probably been invented by the author themselves while formulating their theories on which they are now trying to convince you.  Very hard to understand and must always be read multiple times, and with the knowledge that you are never going to fully comprehend what was written.  It's a given.
You can't even use a normal dictionary as an aid while reading one of the above.  No, you need a specifically academic dictionary related to your discipline:  the theology dictionary, a philosophy dictionary, or in my case, a dictionary of sociology.

What I'm trying to say is that I just don't have it in me to attempt a WWW for a little while.

I'm sticking with the simple things in life...

Things like trees...

Trees with berries on them...

Oh no!  Berries in the bath!

I suppose I need to explain why there is a bath under the tree...

Water for our sheep.  Just pretend you don't notice how dirty the water is.  Sheep have amazing immune systems and haven't died from water poisoning so it's all good.

But help!  The berries are in the bath!  I.e. how are we supposed to eat them with cream after dinner when they are falling in the sheep tub?  How can we be sure our harvest on the berry tree will be utilised to its full potential before the season comes to an end?

(Sorry.  The simple things in life can become quite distressing if you think about them too much).

We picked the berries.  'We' is me standing on a ladder and mum standing beneath with a bowl.

The Mouse is enjoying the simple things in life.  It would be nice if the sun came out again, too.


  1. Thank you! You take pretty fabulous photos yourself. :)


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