Saturday, August 6, 2011

WWW: Wamble [and cherry blossoms]

Hello.  It's been a while.

At least it feels like it's been a while.

I'm pretty sure I'm just now emerging from some blurry place between conciousness, smothering doona covers and slices of dry toast.

I have to say I'm pretty sure since I haven't been sure of much these past few days.

Stomach bug.

Barf.  (sorry, I shouldn't have said that)

Wonderful Word of the Week No. something or other.

Wamble {v} \ˈwäm-bəl\  To feel nausea

Oh, and there's more.  To churn (of stomach); To twist and turn; to wriggle; to roll over; To wobble, to totter, to waver.  Ok, enough [barf]

This is a pretty weird word.  I'm pretty sure it is a real one.  It's going in my vocabulary either way.  I just can't be bothered researching it properly right now.  Too much wambling going on.

Instead, here are some photos of my favourite maverick tree.

[Bonus WWW] --> Maverick {adj} Unorthadox, irregular, independent. 

This is a tree which knows it's own mind.

I've been told it is a dwarf weeping apricot tree.

In ten years I haven't seen a single apricot.

It drops it's leaves in summer and blossoms in winter.

I thought spring and autumn were action time for trees.  Maverick tree thinks otherwise.

PS. I've totally ruined my layout posting this.  But I just could NOT handle pathetic little blurred photos any more.

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