Thursday, August 25, 2011

Under the Apple Tree

I just can't get over this weather.

See the sky?  That is a good colour for sky to be.

Melbourne is incredible.  I have no idea what temperature it's going to throw out next.

Well, I guess one can look at a weather forecast if one wants to have an idea of what the weather will be next.  A moment please... Mmmm.  I don't think I should have had a look.  It says it's going to get consistently colder.  It might be wrong.  One of my life's guiding principles is 'Never trust the Weather Man'.  This stems off another guiding life principle which is 'Never Trust Technology'.

I go outside to find out what the weather is.  One of my favourite weather observing spots is under the apple tree in our back garden.

Look at that grass.  That is post-drought grass, something I haven't seen the likes of under the apple tree for about 7 years.  Oh yesssss.

In the summer months, I can usually be found under the nectarine tree.  This is because in summer it has nectarines on it, and I like to eat nectarines while I'm under the nectarine tree.

But right now the nectarine tree resembles a bundle of fire kindling and offers no comforts whatsoever.

Next door to the nectarine tree, we have a lovely snowy white vision of blossoms and bees.

Decent looking baby apple tree.

So one afternoon not too long ago, I parked here.

Just to prove I'm actually under the apple tree (hope no one saw me taking this photo).

And I brought this.

Yes, I was studying (of course.  I'm always studying now, you know).

This is my 2.2kg English Lit textbook.  It's pages are as thin as the ones in my Bible (that's probably the thinnest type of page you can get).

It has a partner (volume 2) which I have not yet begun to lug around since I'm still only about 50 wafer thin pages into volume 1.  That's really not much when the entire book is 2904 pages long, not including the bonus extras at the back.


A daunting book with a daunting cover.

Just when I was thinking I might need some moral support for this one...

Guess who.


Aw, I forgive you.  You're cute.

Frederick wasn't missing out on the weather and the blossoms either, so with a little artful manoeuvring, he managed to find his way into my camera bag.

"Give me a hand, please."

He was suitably impressed with the colour of the sky.

And also the size of my textbook.

Being the gentleman mouse that he is, he decided to give me a hand.

It's much easier to read Beowulf with Frederick Wentworth at your side.  A new guiding life principle: "Always read old English literature with a gentleman mouse".

 Sorry, you can't borrow him.  It's going to take a while to get through those wafer thin pages under the apple tree.

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