Monday, August 29, 2011

WWW: Vim

I think I missed a word.  Last week...  whoops.

Trust me, I was surrounded by lots of words all week.  Essay words, research words, words about Australian history and Beowulf words [see last post if that seemed like a particularly random thing to say].

I finished Beowulf by the way.  It was long and tedious, but mostly worth it.  Maybe I'll review it someday to make sure it all sunk in nice and deep into the literary consciousness of my brain.

Today I began a new subject with Open Universities Australia.  It's all about popular culture.

I like to call it pop culture.  Hopefully I'll work out what pop culture actually is in the next few weeks.

Moving right along...

Today was Monday and on Mondays I babysit two little boys.  You can read all about the way it goes here.

Apparently little boys like these sorts of things:

John Deere toy tractor.

It has peddles, so the little boy can propel himself along...theoretically.

Exhibit A:
Mouse sits in deck chair reading textbook watching little boy pedal around the yard.  At snail pace (little legs are little legs).
Mouse thinks, He's going really slow.  It must be boring going that slow.  He's probably getting tired too.  Maybe I'll give him a push.  *Remembers that she would have to get up from chair to push*  Actually, nah.  He's fine going slow.

Little boy looks over with the cutest expression of exhaustion. 

Mouse experiences pangs of guilt :  "Hey, you want a push?"

Little boy suddenly sees worlds of possibilities and high speed action ahead of him.  His eyes light up and the Mouse leaves the deck chair and walks towards her fate...

That wasn't mythicised at all.

Vim {n} /vim/   Energy; enthusiasm

Wonderful Word of this Week is dedicated to the vim required to push a John Deere tractor around a garden up hills, through bushes and over broom handles.  At the right speed, a John Deere tractor can mow down almost anything it it's path - and with an under aged driver at the wheel, and an enthusiastic babysitter on the push, there's always something on the path to mow down.  Shoes, hoes, pool toys, small dogs.  [The tractor has large tires.]

My new nickname is Engine.  I obey the commands 'Go', 'Reverse', 'Slow' and 'Third gear' (I don't know what the last one means).

I don't obey the command 'Faster!!!'  There isn't enough vim in the world to satisfy an under aged driver on a John Deere tractor.

"Faster!  Go faster!!"
"I can't!  I'm out of energy, and we're going up a hill!"
"You need exercise!!  Faster, faster!  Get fit, get fit!"

Where do small children learn about getting fit?  At least he didn't say "Faster, faster.  Lose weight! Lose calories!!"

I get a lot of exercise on Mondays.


  1. One Hundred Years from now
    It will not matter
    what kind of car I drove,
    What kind of house I lived in,
    how much money was in my bank account
    nor what my clothes looked like.
    But the world may be a better place because
    I was important in the life of a child.

    (excerpt from "Within My Power" by Forest Witcraft)

    Just a thought for your Mondays.

  2. I read that just before I went off today and was constantly replaying it in my head while I wrestled with potties, spilt milk, and that ever-present tractor! It really puts things into a good perspective - thanks!


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