Monday, August 1, 2011

Mouse House

It's been a while.

I should apologise.

Any absence on Frederick Wentworth's part is entirely my fault.

He's had lots of different mousy things which he wanted to share with you, but unfortunately, he is entirely at my mercy.

Frederick doesn't use a keyboard very well.  His feet are too small.

But rest assured.  Frederick is alive and well and getting up to all sorts of mischief in and around the house.

Speaking of houses.

Isn't this one pretty?

Some people collect stamps.

Some play soccer and some even do intelligent things like build tiny boats which magically squeeze into bottles (I still don't know how that's done.)

I have a tiny house hobby.

Frederick thinks this is a mouse house (don't tell him it's for dolls).

Perfect size for a gentleman mouse!

It's a little bare at the moment.  That's how it all begins you see.


A tiny house hobby involves decorating a tiny house.  Fancy that!

I collect miniatures...miniature furniture, wallpaper, lights, crockery, books, curtains, forks, perfume bottles, dust pans, food...everything.  What can't be bought can be made.  What can be made is always made in order to save money.  Hence, we have a never-ending hobby.

Frederick is convinced.

Is that your tiny house Frederick?

He found one of my recent acquisitions (a Christmas present).

It was an ironical acquisition (a tiny house to fit inside a tiny house).

This is the only miniature Frederick will be displaying today.  He can't wait to show you the rest of a 16 year collection.

But you'll have to wait for more.

I've just realised that this tiny house doesn't have a door handle.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

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