Saturday, March 3, 2012

Adventures in Omelette: Stir Fry

It's been a while since my last omelette adventure

For an omelette to work you need to be a) at home, and b) not too hungry.  These requirements are important, because it's best not to trash someone else's kitchen while experimenting with eggs, and if you are too hungry to begin with, you end up eating all the ingredients before they make it into the omelette.  Trust me, I know.

So when it's suddenly 1:30pm (been studying all morning), and your stomach feels like it's poking you maliciously from the inside, it's really too late to try get fancy in the kitchen.  Instead, you go rummaging in the fridge for leftovers.

I'm not sure if I can really call this omelette an adventure.  It's a quasi-adventure, using leftovers.

(Does 'quasi' do what I think it does when you add it to the beginning of a word?  Doesn't it sound really funny on its own?  Quasi, quasi, quasi)

Leftovers!  Stir fried veggies from the night before.  Very limp and soggy and in need of some disguising.

Disguise = soya sauce and eggs.

And why not some sesame seeds for good measure?  Sesame seeds are so tiny and cute and virtually tasteless, making them a wonderfully ineffective ingredient (my personal opinion - plus they get stuck in your teeth).

Remember, we're going for speed here, so no fancy laying out of the ingredients in the beaten egg.   Just throw everything in and hope for the best, people!

A thick omelette is usually too hard to flip, so the best way to cook it is to 'sandwich' it by cutting through the middle and turning one half over onto the other, uncooked sides in between.

I came up with this technique after burning the bottom off the above omelette, waiting for the thing to hurry up and cook.

Surprisingly, this technique actually worked!  (Or I wouldn't be sharing, trust me.)

Without further ado, throw the omelette on the plate and start eating before your stomach pokes it's way out of your abdomen completely. 

Sorry, was that too graphic for you?  It's important to realise just how fast I was trying to make this omelette happen.  :)


The moral of this adventure is: always evaluate your leftovers - they might just fit nicely in the middle of an omelette.  :)

Hopefully more startling omelette adventures coming soon...


  1. I had an omelette adventure this past week myself.
    I was craving some veges, so I searched the fridge and noticed some wilting chinese cabbage and threw that in with tomatoes and spring onion.
    MISTAKE!! the cabbage leaked a whole lot of water and made the omelette soggy. I just want to warn you against adding cabbage so yours don't go soggy either. :) bad adventure!

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