Friday, January 13, 2012

Summer So Far (Rain)

Last night I wore my winter pyjamas to bed, threw an extra blanket on the bed, and even ended up cuddling a hot water bottle early in the morning.

Oh, and it's January on this side of the globe - heart of the Australian summer, land of deserts and golden beaches, sunburnt plains, bush fires, and all.

I think I'm getting a cold.

Good news is that I'm about to leave frosty Melbourne and head north on the weekend.  Ironic news is that the weather is going to go back to behaving normally and frying Melbournians on that weekend.  Irritating news is that it's going to be four degrees colder, and raining, in Brisbane while I'm there.

Obviously the rain is following me for a reason which I have not yet worked out.  I'm watching you, weather.  You can't get the better of me.

It was also mysteriously raining when I travelled down to the beach before Christmas.  I say mysterious because that morning had been a scorcher, hovering in the high thirties, and as soon as we started down the highway to Frankston in the afternoon, huge raindrops started hitting the car.  By the time we arrived there had been a cool change.

Thankfully, we were there for more than one cold afternoon/evening.  The next day the sky was that certain shade of blue which makes me feel like cart wheeling very happy.

Here is a rare photo of me on this anonymous blog:

What?  You can't see me?  I'm the blob in the middle.  Thank you to Sam for running off with my camera without permission and taking many out of focus shots.  That's what happens when you get some males to carry your very large camera.

It was still too cold to go swimming in the Victorian waters (ie. icy waters), but who can resist jumping over the water from orange rock to orange rock.

The water was so sparkly (I love sparkles).

I should also thank my erstwhile sibling and his photo-taking sidekick for taking me to the beach after lots of whining and pleading  I asked really nicely, when they could have spent the afternoon playing PS2 instead.

Thanks guys.

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  1. lol, so after the discussion about the "Mickey-Mouse-Ears blog" I thought I might look it up to read the august, comprehensive and informative post about not only the Annual Conference but also Compass from last week. However, I was surprised to see no coverage of either! What?! How can this be? While there has been a recent post, it was about a trip BEFORE Christmas! Wow.

    Nevertheless, I (along with a few others) will graciously continue the wait for comprehensive coverage of Compass.



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