Monday, January 2, 2012

Summer Reads

I went to the library exactly three times over the last few weeks and came back with a nice pile of summer reads.

Oh look, one month of summer is gone already.


But that's okay - still plenty of time to read.

Oh, but there are some big ones in there.  Some seriously big reads, perfect for days like today, when the mercury is going to hit 40 degrees Celsius, and the human body can only collapse under the air conditioner and let the brain do all the exercising. 

Hmmm, I just realised that these are only the books I got from the library, not including books I got for Christmas or ones that have been loitering on my shelves during frantic days of textbook reading.

The rest:

Front Cover Front Cover  Front Cover

Temperature update:
It is now so hot in Melbourne, that my fingertips are sweating and rendering the touchpad of my laptop unusable.

A sweltering start to 2012.
Ta ta, I'm off to read under the air conditioner.

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