Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Day on Mel Ref 31 F7

'Mel Ref':  Melways Reference (the guide to Melbourne's roads)

'31 F7':  My approximate coordinates on the map for the whole day.

{Written on Wednesday 21st December}

A Day is a funny thing.  It’s impossible to properly predict one ahead of time.  You just never really know what is going to happen next.  This is either a really exciting, or really scary thought.
Take today for example.  Here I am blogging in a car parked next to a footy oval in Heidleberg.  This was not where I expected to be blogging next, people, let me tell you.  But hey, this is the week before Christmas…things are always a bit crazy and unpredictable. 

It’s official:  I mention Christmas everytime I say something.  Woohoo!

So what do I have to say to you all while I’m sitting in the car next to the footy oval in Heidleberg?
a)      I am hot
b)      I’m on holidays
c)       I can’t remember what I did yesterday
d)      I am sooo hot
e)      It’s hard to type when you’re hot

I don’t usual blog from the car (just in case you think this is a regular thing)  But ever since I snapped up my new laptop, I’ve been bringing it almost everywhere.  If I go away for the weekend, I bring it.  If I take my mum to the osteo I bring it.  If I go to Nonna’s house I bring it.  Before the holidays I was always frantically working on a paper and typing away in the car. 

I have a few started novels on this little computer and so if I know I need to kill time, I pull it out and get started.  That’s normal right?  To sit in the car and write novels?  Thought so.
Great battery life by the way.

Today I find myself with about 7 hours to kill, while my Dad has knee surgery in a hospital nearby.  I’m the taxi.  Right now, the taxi is really hot and it’s a little hard to breath.
Even a dedicated blogger can’t resist the call of the green grassy oval just outside the car.  Good thing I brought a stack of books – obviously I’ll be doing all my summer reading on the one day.

I’ve just realised that there is no particular point for this post, other than give you a little too much information about my day on Mel Ref 31 F7.  But thank you for helping me pass my seven hours.
I promise I’ll blog sensibly soon.

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  1. I'm thinking it's a well known fact that it would unstylish not to take a snazzy red laptop with good battery life around with you? :D


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