Thursday, July 21, 2011

WWW: Parlous

This week we've been watching a man called Bear Grylls.  He gets [literally] dropped into a desolate place and then has to [literally] find his way out of it...while remaining alive preferably.

Dad borrowed the series on DVD from the know, Man vs. Wild.

I can tell you now that in Mouse vs. Wild, Wild would win hands down.  No doubt about it.

I'm not even going to start discussing why my family is actually watching Bear run around the wilderness, finding animal carcasses to sleep in and waterfalls to climb down.  We sit on the couch in a row and eat snacks while he roasts Goliath Bird Eaters for breakfast [aka big spiders], and spears sting rays. But that's irrelevant.

From watching a few episodes of MvsW you get the idea that everything about the Wild is pretty absolutely dangerous.  

Everything is hazardous, treacherous, brutal, treacherous, slippy, or treacherous.  These are Bear's own words.

It is obviously time for a new descriptive word for Bear to use on his voice overs (and I need a little inspiration too).

Wonderful Word of the Week no. 4
Parlous {adj} /ˈpärləs/  Full of danger or uncertainty; precarious                

Watch MvsW and you will know for sure that the Wild is parlous.  

Crossing a river can be hazardous parlous.  [Apparently water can hide things like sharp rocks and holes]
Killing a snake for protein can be risky parlous.  [They bite in self-defence if you approach with a knife]
Don't forget that jungles are always treacherous parlous.  [Every second plant is spiky, and if your lucky, you'll step on a camouflaged boa constricter.] 

In Mouse vs Wild the word parlous could also come in handy.

Crossing the street during rush hour is parlous. [Especially if you are carrying 13 shopping bags and one breaks]
Queuing for food at McDonalds is parlous. [You I will almost always order too much]
Getting to the mail box can be parlous. [Spider webs in the path.  Eeek.]

Have I now proven how pathetically parlous my Wild is? 

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