Friday, July 29, 2011

WWW: Muliebrity

I've just spent a few days with one of my bestest friends.  I have no idea if she will read this, but she knows who she is... (woohoo beeeatch-h ;) 

This partially explains a lack of posts this week.  It also partially explains the build-up of posting material in my edits, on my camera and in my brain.

End of mid-year break is looming so I'm cramming in lots of people time before I disappear from the world.  I can't say 'hide under a rock' any more since I've had express orders not to do that this semester.  Whatever!

Anyway, I made a discovery while at this particular friend's place.

Actually 'discovery' is probably the wrong word (and we're all about words in this post, right?).  More like 'recovery'.

Chick flicks.  Maybe I should put that in hot pink.  Chick flicks.

Let's get something dead straight favourite ever movies are all historical dramas.  Especially ones set in the 1920s-1940s.  I watch them just for the costumes and sets.

Now, little fact: Mouse lives in a house in which all movies have to be pre-approved by father and brother.

Everything is screened carefully according to levels of entertainment, decent laughs, and realistic action.  The more high speed crashes, explosions, and earthquakes, the better.  Throw in a giant ape, a super hero or two, and a grand final, and it's guaranteed to be a family favourite.  Help?

Result?  We are always watching something in the genres of war, sports, extreme action, animation, or classic comedy (from the 60s).  All very entertaining, and very male-proof.

Mum usually finds herself writing shopping lists or vacuuming bedrooms on movie evenings...I wonder why.

Second little fact: The word 'chick' gets on my nerves BIG TIME.  And I don't use all-caps unless I really mean it.
It's a silly little word.  What is it supposed to mean?  I don't even want to know what it's supposed to mean.  It makes me think of chickens and eggs.  Chick.  Hello chick, chick, I'm a chick.

Enter Wonderful Word of the Week no. 5

Muliebrity {n}   /ˌmyo͞olēˈebrətē/  Womanly qualities; womanhood.

Now we're talking.

This is a word that sums up everything that 'chick' doesn't.  It's the condition of being a women.  It's the essence of femininity.  It's a word just for females.

And I'm hereby deleting 'chick' from my vocabulary.  Now there's real recovery.  Chick flicks to Muliebral Movies.

[It does disturb me that the spell check in Google doesn't recognise my new word.  It keeps giving me mulishness.  I don't think that's a very nice or accurate comparison.]

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  1. (I'm currently living in a house where the male (not related to me) quite likes muliebral movies. Him and his family DON'T like my action adventure suggestions, so I watch them in my room and think fondly of my father.)


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