Sunday, January 23, 2011

Confessions: I'm still alive

Yes, contrary to my neglectful behaviour when it comes to actually blogging on my blog, I am still on this earth, and even within reach of the computer.  I'm even full of lots of juicy blog topics, and dying to start archiving 2011.

So why haven't I been around?

The word 'excuses' gets horrible beaten up and misused, but I must tell you why I've been gone for so long.
I haven't been running for PM (wrong time of year), or writing a novel (I wish!).  I haven't been on a pilgrimage, or got a new job.

No, I've just been having fun with friends and family.

how cool are vintage posters?

It's been that time of year, when we can all sit back and relax after Christmas.  Dad's taken time off work, relatives came from overseas, and there are no papers due (yet).
taken in the little town of Healesville at the historic train station.

Here are a few micro posts which summarise what I've been up to:

  • Christmas.  Which involved a lot of food, wrapping paper, hot weather and a new polka dot dress.
  • Family.  We were all together again for a while which was nice.  Now we're apart again but that's okay because family ties are special.  My Grandma had surgery so I was her right hand for the day.  More on that later.
  • University.  Yes, I'm holidays, but I'm also doing a summer subject.  I don't really want to talk about it since I'm in denial.  Let's just say there are papers and lectures lurking in the dark corners of my mind, while I'm dancing across the sand at the beach.
  • Music.  I broke out my flute again (I play it once a year in an orchestra which only plays once a year - it's the mouse's only public performance folks.)  A little squeaky on those high notes, but I enjoy blowing my little heart out.
  • Conference.  When lots of families get together and learn about faith, family, and life's journey.  Actually it's more than that, but that's just my token blurb :D.  I spent the week with a group of children which was a privilege.  Hopefully more on that later.
  • Movies.  One of my dearest companions took me to see the Voyage of the Dawn Treader last week (thank you Naomi!).  I think we were the last people in Australia to see it in the theatres!  Heh heh, talk about leaving it until the last minute.
  • Soundtracks.  Of above movie.  And more.  I think I have a new hobby!  I'm accumulating as many as possible and burning disks with random pieces from movies like Oliver Twist, Miss Potter, and Over the Hedge.  Some amazing mixes.
  • Apricots.  They're falling off the trees!  Home-grown produce is the best.
  • Beach.  After a soggy experience at Inverloch, I was soaking up the sun a couple of weeks ago in Frankston.  Very summery it was, paddling around little chubby children coated in sunscreen, and walking through seaweed.
  • Water, water, everywhere. Lot's of water, for all to share.    

Now the holidays are drawing to a close, and it's time to get back into routine. I'm looking forward to filling 2011 with lots of those 'juicy' posts I've been inspired with these holidays. :D

I hope you're enjoying the variety January brings to a year.  I sure have.

Yes, that's me ;)


  1. I love vintage stuff! Especially old posters and clothes and bags and vintage style swimwear and all things from the 1940s through to 1965.

  2. I agree with Tihana! :D

    (and lol cool post)


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