Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well, there's not much to say with these photos.

high tide at the inlet

We had a great time, it rained a lot, and I went to the beach.
Here's some proof.  In this photo you can see the sky about to break open and deluge us with fresh water.  Hehe, let's just say we didn't have to jump into the ocean to get wet.

stormy sky 

Before it rained we ate chips.

what we do at the beach

overdoing the effects as usual

I could tell you more, like what movies we watched, and what we ate, but you'd probably find that boring (ever seen a John Wayne classic?).

There was one nice-weather day.

shall we swim?

Is it just me, or are the above rocks a little different?
I hereby declare them to be retro rocks, because they are chunky and clunky.



I hope you all have a beach moment this summer, and that it doesn't rain on your parade.

just to prove i was there


  1. LOL! Funny pics! I have seen many John Wayne classics! My Dad loves them! =D

  2. I don't know who John Wayne is...
    Great effect on the chip packet photo :D
    I, for one, love rainy beach days!
    Really really really like the last photo :)
    How many photography contests have you won? ;P

  3. John Wayne is an "Olden day actor" google him.....he has been in a lot of cowboy movies. A great actor. =D

  4. Yes, we love John Wayne!
    I'm glad you like the photos Koda - I don't really know if I've won a photography contest. Do unofficial ones count?
    If you watch some John Wayne movies, be careful. They seem to have the tendency to brainwash. From experience, you may find yourself calling everyone 'pilgrim'.

  5. LOL Thanks for the tip, pilgrim! =D


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