Saturday, June 4, 2011

Confessions: I love the circus

Break out the kazoos!

The balloon animals!  The red velvet cupcakes!  The glitter and confetti!

Streamers, safaris, saffron and sunscreen. Chocolate, chants, chatter and cheese.     

I'm celebrating! (can you tell?) 

Unfortunately to explain the celebrations I'll have to use the P-word.  
P as in...Ppppa... ppppap...ppppape...PAPERS!

Whew, now that it's all out in the open, hopefully I won't have to mention it again.

MID YEAR BREAK =Two months holidays!  What on earth will I do with myself?  Hmm, how!  My poor Mouse Files have been so neglected.  Now I won't have any decent excuses.  Except for the fact that I will actually be doing other things besides blogging these holidays.  Such as seeing people (hello all my friends!  I still love you, I've just been a little busy with the P-word.)  And selling things on ebay, cooking dinners, wall-papering my dolls' house, shopping, flying to Perth.

I suppose I could blog about all that, hey?

While this is obviously a story with a happy ending, there were moments last week when I was sure there could be no such thing on the horizon.

It was like this.

My parents went away for the weekend and left me to take care of my sick brother.  That makes it sound like my parents are ogres right?  Sorry, but they're not (although that would have made the story much more interesting).  I TOLD them to go and leave the invalid with me - after all I am so capable (hah).

Thankfully, all I had to do was measure his temperature with a digital thermometer, warm up chicken broth, pass him the tissues, and wash the dishes.  A cinch.

Oh, and I also had two major P-words due in on Friday, plus the first two chapters of a novel  (I'm studying Creative Writing - this was seriously an assignment).

So the week went a little like this.

Wake up early, start frantically typing my P-word on computer with one hand, using the other to hold my eyes open.  Drink cold water to try stay awake.
Sick brother arises and demands food and water.  I measure temperature, record it in my log book, hover with tissues.
I put on a movie.  A long one.  Finally, I can keep typing while sick brother is distracted.
I get distracted by the movie.
Suddenly it is evening (how does time fly so fast when you're studying?)  Warm up dinner (which nonna has cooked - legend), serve food, do dishes, wipe kitchen.
Asses how much more typing I can do before bed.  Chew nails while nervously calculating whether at current rate of progress this will be done by Friday.
Sick brother goes to bed.  Lock all doors twice to make sure the burglars can't get in.  Keep typing.
Finally, when brain begins to shut down go to bed.

Repeat for several days.

This post was supposed to be about a circus wasn't it?  Sorry!  I promise it is.

Mum and Dad came back eventually, and the house was still standing, and my brother was still alive.
But I was verging on stir-crazy, chomping at the bit to just get the stupid P-words in and have a change of scenery.

Enter a perfectly timed phone-call after dinner.

"We have a spare ticket to the Cirque du Soleil tomorrow night.  Do you want to come?"

"YES! Yes, yes yes. Book me in, it sounds wonderful!"  *Pause*  "Um, Cirque de what?  Never mind, I'm coming!"

If this wasn't a promotional poster it could possibly be me skipping off to the circus - except I would never wear that outfit and my hair is not so...poufy.  And I can't actually do that with my legs.  They could break, so never mind.

I last went to a circus about five years ago (with my legendary nonna, no less).

The Child

There was a red and yellow striped tent on a patch of grass by the highway and they had wooden seats (which were really hard).

I liked the little white ponies which ran around the ring.  I don't remember much else.  


I think I'm going to remember the Cirque du Soleil for a loooooooooooooooooooong time.

Saltimbanco is one of the Cirque's 22 shows (wow), and it's currently touring Australia.  Then it heads off to Russia...then Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, and Estonia!


I want to go to Estonia.  And see it all again!

The Baroques

If you've never been to the Cirque du Soleil, then you've never seen circus done.  Trust me.  Even though I'm not a circus expert.

These people just take the whole thing up a notch.


Explosions of colour, dramatic music, fantastical costumes, an endearing story line, and flawless performances.  I really can't do it justice.

Someone had a LOT of fun coming up with this show.  

Go to Saltimbanco!  It will make you smile after a crummy week, trust me, I know!

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