The Mouse

Hi there.

I'm not really a mouse (sorry if that disappoints you). But I like to remain anonymouse (haha! sorry. pun intended.)
 What you can know is that I live in MelbourneAustralia with my family. I'm working towards a BA, and I really love reading, writing, and the Arts. Politics fascinates me, I'll watch AFL football without getting bored, and I love shopping with my friends.

Okay, so the above was my original snippet of information to satisfy the 'About Me' section of the blog.  But having it sit there on the side was annoying me, and so this page was born.

Why the Mouse Files?

I began to blog just because I like to write.  

And I began The Mouse Files because I couldn't decide on just one thing to blog about.

Food?  Fashion?  Books?  Politics?  Photography?  World news?  Travels?  Stamp collecting?  Animal habits?  Writing?  Work?  Play?  

Impossible to choose.  Really.  I don't know how people do it.

And so I decided to just write about everything and call it my Files.  Except my name possibly isn't interesting enough to be the title of a blog, so I chose one of my nicknames:  Mouse.

Mouse {n} /mouz/

A generally quiet person who likes cheese and has the habit of writing everything down, regardless of whether it makes sense or not.  May also have been relatively small in size before final growth spurt, and had a tendency to run away from loud noises, loud people, loud cars, and loud things in general.  Loves cats.

This blog is also about you.  Yes, you, my curious reader.  I hope that when you go through my files you find something you'll remember, something useful, something to inspire, something original, and most importantly, something to laugh about.

Make sure you tell me what you think in the comment section under each post.  Or drop me a line at the email address above if you think there's something I need to know.  Or just to say hi!

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